The economic geology of Burwell

Download our leaflet on the Aspects of Geological Interest in Burwell.

Burwell is a “Fen Edge” village which lies to the North East of Cambridge. It has a long history, some of which was dependent on the geology of the underlying rock. It has evidence of some form of settlement since the Palaeolithic Age, through the Bronze Age  and the Roman occupation, to the present day. The village and surrounding lands have been a source of important materials for Cambridgeshire, from the famous “Burwell Rock”, a chalk stone used for many  buildings, and bricks made from the Gault Clay to cement and phosphates. See our Fen Edge page for more information on the local geology and its economic use, produced as part of our Geosites work on the seven Landscapes in the county of Cambridgeshire.

Burwell is one of many interesting areas that can be visited as part of our Fen Edge Trail which links the village to several others on the south east of the Fens.