Visit the Western Plateau

No, not something in Colorado or some other location from a forgotten cowboy film, but our very own ‘wild west’, just a short trip out from Cambridge (or Huntingdon, or St Neots for that matter). With attractive villages, plenty of walks, excellent views (particularly...
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Guardian writer, Patrick Barkham, visits the Fen Edge Trail

We were delighted that the author and Guardian nature writer contacted us in spring 2018 to say he’d like to walk some of the Fen Edge Trail, A bonus was that the day he chose turned out to be the sunniest and nicest of the year so far and he was able to enjoy walking...
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Ice Age display, Sedgwick Museum

A superb mammoth tusk is now part of the Sedgwick Museum’s new Ice Age display. Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition to the North-West Passage has often been in the news ever since he left England on the 19th May, 1845 never to return. Successive searches...
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Protecting the landscape heritage of the fens

The fenland has always been a land of mystery. This is particularly true when trying to unravel the complex history of dynamic changes in the landscape, which are directly linked to both sea level and climate. Thanks to an increase in research in recent years, much...
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Lime kilns at Isleham

Built around 1860, these listed buildings are the remains of a thriving clunch quarrying industry in this Fen Edge village. Three of the kilns are preserved, with the fire hearths visible inside. The clunch rubble was loaded in through the circular openings at the top...
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The economic geology of Burwell

Burwell is a “Fen Edge” village which lies to the North East of Cambridge. It has a long history, some of which was dependent on the geology of the underlying rock. It has evidence of some form of settlement since the Palaeolithic Age, through the Bronze...
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Nine Wells LGS display at the Cambridge Museum

A display about the Nine Wells Local Geological Site has been featured as part of an exhibition at the Cambridge Museum on the importance of Hobson’s Conduit.The exhibition runs from 26th September to 22nd October 2017 and can be seen in the tea rom at the...
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Nine Wells designated as Local Geological Site

Nine Wells Local Nature Reserve is now (February 2017) a Local Geological Site. This designation highlights its geological value for scientific, educational, historical and/or aesthetic reasons. As well as being the source of Hobson’s Conduit, the chalk springs at...
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Monthly talks

All are welcome to our monthly talks which cover a range of topics and are aimed at those with a general interest in geology and landscape, as well as those with a more specific interest or a geological background. The talks are held in Cambridge, on the 2nd Monday of...
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East Pit, Cherry Hinton designated as Local Geological Site

East Pit, a disused chalk quarry within the city of Cambridge, was designated as a Local Geological Site in February 2016. This highlights its geological value for scientific, educational, historical and aesthetic reasons. East Pit is one of three, once economically...
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The Cambridgeshire Geological Society promotes interest in the geology of Cambridgeshire, the UK and worldwide.

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Next Events

CGS Monthly Talk

Monday 14th October

Prof. David Tappin, British Geological Survey 

See events page for details

Geo-East conferencegeo-east‘Jurassic East’

Saturday 23rd November  

Venue: Aurora Innovation Centre, British Antarctic Survey, Madingley Road, Cambridge.

Subjects covered during the day will include our region’s fascinating Jurassic geology and palaeontology, our legacy landscapes and the Jurassic collections of the Sedgwick Museum.

Booking required. Full details here.


Fifth walk on the Fen Edge Trail published

The fifth walk on the Trail, from Witcham to Sutton, via Mepal, is now available for download from the Fen Edge Trail website. Part of our Geosites initiative, this project explores the Landscape Heritage of this important feature of Cambridgeshire. Further walks will be published this summer.

Visit the FEN EDGE TRAIL website

Cambridgeshire Landscapes

Cambridgeshire has a fascinating landscape and an interesting geology. See our Local Landscapes page for more details and download the excellent leaflet ‘The Mapping of Landscapes, Geology and Soils of Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire’ by Timothy Farewell, Peter Friend, Martin Whiteley and Joanna Zawadzk.


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